North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska Schools

  • I was impressed on how well Mark presented what the company offered. Excellent work on Marks part to fill the needs we had. Myself, the students, chaperones and parents were very pleased with the results of this trip.
  • Your company provided our group value in a number of ways which included: 1) Price-for the amount of things we had the opportunity to do it was reasonably priced. 2) Customer focus- your firm provided what we wanted not what you wanted us to have.
  • Mark was great to work with. He worked many hours with me to set up a successful trip. Mark worked with me with our ideas of what we wanted to do (others told us what we would do). He already knew a lot of the answers so we could make educated decisions of what we could do. He was great to work with and kept me on task to provide the necessary information to GTP. He was very flexible and willing to go the extra step for us. He made sure we had everything planned. Mark did an excellent job and would recommend him to others.
  • anette was very easy to work with. She was always willing to customize things if we had things that came up. She kept us informed of what was going on and keeping us on our tight schedule. Very knowledgeable and pleasant to work and visit with. All of the group was pleased with her drive and knowledge. She worked hard to make sure our group had fun. She had the necessary people skills that make our students & adults feel they were being looked after. Janette made sure we were being taken care of. She made sure our trip flowed smoothly. I would give Janette an A+ rating. I am one that will give credit when credit is due and I would most definitely advise any other group that wants to get the most out of their trip to request Janette.
  • Barry is exceptional in his understanding and communication with directors. He anticipates and solves problems.
  • Amber is excellent in every way possible. She is timely, flexible, knowledgeable, creative … I could go on and on! She is a credit to your company!
  • Mark did a wonderful, awesome job! We had a wonderful time! Everyone enjoyed!
  • Barry was fabulous! He was so easy to work with and helped with whatever I needed. He knew how to work with students, knew what they would want to see and was just a joy to be with!
  • Karl was fantastic! He always answered my many, many questions as quickly as he could and was a very valuable asset for me!
  • Having the difficulties we did with this trip (on our end), Mark went above and beyond to help us. A+
  • Mark was knowledgeable and quick to communicate. Our tour guide was one of the best I have worked with. I would request her again.
  • I was so impressed by the professionalism and organization that Mr. Royce brought to the table. He was extremely organized and courteous to my kids. Each of the venues I had asked for was ready, advanced, and up to very high standards. Our hotel was absolutely wonderful and the knowledge of Chicago that Mr. Royce brought to the table made the bus driver’s job so much easier. My kids liked him very much. Please extend to Mr. Royce our sincere thanks and appreciate for the best tour we could of possibly had and please extend my thanks to your company for your professionalism and kindness- we will be working together again in two years.
  • The kids are still raving about our trip to Chicago and about our fabulous tour escort!
  • I have worked with the Group Travel Planners staff in planning student travel with my choirs at our high school. They are friendly, efficient and eager to help with your “individual” needs. I have traveled extensively myself and have a definite idea of what I want for my students. Mine was not a “pre-fab” tour, but rather a tour customized to my individual preferences.
  • I really like working with Amber and appreciated her help and understanding. It was a wonderful trip and I would not hesitate to use Group Travel in the future.
  • This was our first trip, it could not have gone any better, the students had a wonderful time.
  • I have worked with Group Travel Planners for many years and several trips. They are willing to go out of their way to accommodate the needs of my band, and will work with my requests. This is the main reason why I continue to travel with the company.
  • Mark was great to work with. The kids responded well to him and he was very organized.
  • Mark was so easy to work with! He went to a lot of work to help us organize this trip. I really appreciated his quick responses to my questions, etc. The details were covered so well that I didn’t mind setting this up as much as other trips!
  • I enjoy traveling with Group Travel Planners because we end up with the extras that we want.
  • Amber is wonderful to work with- Thank you Amber!
  • Amber was very easy to work with and our tour escort was great! She did and outstanding job and represented your company very well.
  • Great people to work with. I had so many last minute changes and still you were accommodating and understanding. I will recommend.


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