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  • Dan is by far the best travel planner that I have worked with. He knows exactly what I need in my tours and how I like to run them. He will work to make all of the plans turn into reality. Everything was above and beyond expectations.
  • I really enjoy traveling with Dan and he did a wonderful job running our tour. Dan is great to work with and very personable. He was responsive to all of our requests and he helped to put together the perfect trip! I am very happy with our trip and I will definitely refer people to Dan in the future.
  • I’m extremely happy with how GTP presented, planned and organized our trip! The value was unbelievable- we will do business again! Thanks! Dan “the man” rocks! He was super easy to communicate with and just an all-around great guy!
  • Dan Budensiek was great. The kids related to him very well. Between the 4 drivers and Dan we couldn’t have chosen a better combination. Our students joke about asking the drivers and Dan to travel with us when we start tournaments. They were great participants. We look forward to working with you again! The whole experience was great!
  • Dan was very professional and flexible, easy to work with.
  • Dan did a tremendous job getting us set on this tour.
  • Your representative was awesome! She was very professional, personable and had a good sense of group dynamics and a sense of humor. Very good!
  • It was a great trip, no complaints! Great itinerary, we were never rushed or bored!
  • Your tour escort was great! She really advocated for us and made sure we were well taken care of. It helped because I already know her from our Nashville trip and she was familiar with our school. Dan is always very flexible and someone that will work to solve problems- he was very patient. Dan was very good about helping us put together a trip in a very short time!
  • Monique was absolutely outstanding. She related so well to the kids that she in many ways seemed like another chaperone. Her experience came into play as she was able to make requests and smooth situations for the group.
  • Dan was great- very professional, handled all details/concerns in a timely manner!
  • Karl was very helpful and the kids had a great time having him along!
  • Thank you Karl! We had a fantastic time!
  • Fantastic! We were always on time. Our GTP escort added commentary to parts of the tour that didn’t have a tour guide which added a lot. Your GTP rep was great to work with and made my first tour experience a relaxing and enjoyable one!
  • Matt & Amber were fantastic. We are very fussy and they exceeded all our expectations. We love our tour escort- really great!
  • Trips are customized to the needs of each group, with a constant eye on activities that will appeal to high school students. Times are carefully planned to make each day successful. The communication throughout the planning and quick response to special requests make them the best in the business. One thing that especially sets Group Travel Planners apart is the professional escort provided by the company throughout the trip. On each of our trips, the escort has been a great asset, seeing to the needs at airports and hotels so that a director can concentrate on the music. We heartily recommend Group Travel Planners to high school music groups. We can’t say enough about this great company!
  • Dan worked hard to get our business and made sure we enjoyed the trip.
  • Group Travel Planners is a professional and well organized company. Their staff is cheerful and accommodating. Our tour was well organized and their representative took great care to ensure a great experience. GTP was able to make numerous changes to our tour and made our experience rewarding. Amber was an excellent tour guide and was very helpful on our tour.
  • Thank you for planning our tour. I greatly appreciated being able to call your office with any request and having your willingness to try and make it happen. Our students had a great time. We will be in touch in the future. Thanks again for all that you do.
  • Great job! Excellent company to work with! Highly recommended!
  • Thank you to Group Travel Planners for making our trip to Los Angeles a successful venture for the choir students and chaperones. Matt was professional and we were always confident that we would be on time. The scheduled tours included enough variety to keep everybody happy, and the arranged performances were educational as well as gratifying to our singers. A comment heard from many of the students was, “Our tour guide is really cool, and he really likes us!” Matt got along with everyone on the trip, the students, the chaperones, the bus drivers, and the staff, and is gifted with a personality that makes everyone he meets feel like he really cares about them as individuals…a difficult task when you’re traveling with 100 high school kids and chaperones! The kids are still talking about California, and I’m sure it will be a memory they will cherish with a smile.
  • We wanted to thank Matt for being such wonderful tour guide and making our NYC trip one of the best trips we have ever had. You did a great job herding us around, your selection of tourist spots were great. You had such a positive influence on the kids & parents, it was a great week. Thanks again for a job well done.
  • Our tour escort was simply outstanding. She made sure there were no major hiccups on the tour. Really effortless tour, thanks so much.
  • Adam was very helpful arranging the logistics end of the trip.
  • We loved Mojo!! We would request her again. She was very friendly and very flexible. The students loved her!


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