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  • Kimberly did an excellent job of having everything go very smoothly. She kept me informed of options we had if something would happen to change our schedule a little. Very professional in every way.
  • Kimberly was very professional, polite and organized.
  • Jane was an absolute delight. Very professional and competent. If there was a problem or a schedule change, she was on it like a barracuda!
  • Adam was great! Very nice person, very helpful to us.
  • We switched our schedule several times and they were fine with adjusting things. GTP was also very flexible on our payment schedules.
  • In the fall we contacted a number of travel planning groups and only three bothered to send us an estimate and only GTP stayed with us until the end of our trip. Our students were not very productive fund raisers forcing us to change our destination and length of stay several times. At one time we almost cancelled altogether. Our group sales representative regularly kept in touch with us and asked about our progress and changing needs. He put together many packages, each one tailored to our changing needs and wants. In the end, we had a wonderful trip to Minneapolis that was within our final meager budget, and one the kids went home excited about. I recommend GTP to anyone who is planning a trip.
  • Tremendous variety of activities for our students, best price I could find.
  • Everything was great, thank you so much for being so flexible with us, especially on payments!
  • Always quick to respond to questions and concerns, always professional. I am very thankful for all your time and effort! As a first year band director, this helped so much!
  • Our tour escort was very nice and instantly created a good relationship with the students. She was always organized, on top of things, and ready to help-with a smile!
  • Our tour escort was excellent. She had a fun attitude and high energy.
  • GTP was awesome in dealing with all the changes my school made. They made sure I was happy and not worried about anything. Our tour escort was great, very attentive to try to insure things went smoothly. I loved not having to be responsible for the things that she took care of.
  • Thanks GTP! I will tell everyone to use your company!


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