GTP Survey Results- Top 20!

Group Travel Planners conducted a survey of our clients asking them why they chose to tour with GTP.

Here are the results:

1.     We have used Group Travel for the past 8 years and have been very pleased with their services.

2.     You were able to offer us more options than other planners. Communication was always open.

3.     Established relationship, great value, great rep.

4.     Prices are reasonable for our students- something they can afford- yet the trips are packed with great


5.     Low cost, very personable and willing to work with my suggestions and wants instead of pushing their


6.     Great customer relations at Nebraska Music Conference and great competitive prices.

7.     Best quote rate per student, helpfulness at IBA Convention, having a tour rep along on the trip.

8.     Tremendous variety of activities for our students, best price I could find.

9.     Familiarity with venue

10.   Good value, excellent customer service

11.    Word of mouth from other directors

12.    Success in past experience

13.    Great tour package, flexible, great communication, great prices

14.    You have done trips for our school in the past and we’ve always had great service.

15.    We have traveled with GTP before and felt well served.

16.    Excellent service in the past, tour rep travels with our band, pricing

17.    Low bid and good references

18.    Prices and friendliness of your staff

19.    Your ability to work with us on a limited budget and timeline.

20.    GTP offered the best package for our needs.


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